Our Story

We kind of had a dramatic start to this business. 

See, I’m a product developer with my friend Nate while at the same time my brother-in-law Jared and his brother Zane own a cabinet shop.  They were doing great work and were growing fast. 

Then all of a sudden, in a freak accident, Zane was shooting a muzzleloader and it exploded on him leaving his hand in pieces. 

They needed some last minute help while Zane recovered so I offered to step in. 

While I was working, I noticed some of the slides and hinges had some frustrating flaws. I also noticed how expensive these hinges were and decided to jump on the project of improving them as well as offering them for a more reasonable cost. 

It has been a long process, but we’ve been able to develop a hydraulic ram soft close hinge that will have the same smooth soft close no matter the size of the door or the air temperature. 

It could be a 12 inch door in 30 below zero and it will still close the same speed and all the way. 

On top of that, they were paying $2.72 for each soft close hinge and plate and we were able to drop their price by over 36%. 

At first, we just thought that was cool and were glad it would help out their shop but the word started to spread and other shops were equally happy with the new hinge and price. 

We are growing quickly but we’re also happy to say we are still a small supplier and listen to our customers and will continue to innovate and improve our products for our customers. 

Here’s to the future!