The Hydraulic Ram

A solid 6-Way adjustable hinge that delivers a smooth close every time.

See, hydraulic rams provide the strength to open and close large, heavy doors on airplane hangars… as well as agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

And because of their reliability, they’re often the first choice. So wouldn’t they be even more effective on cabinet doors?

That, my friend, was the million-dollar question. We knew that in order to make a splash, we needed to be different…

We needed to bring something new that would shake the foundation of the cabinet hardware industry…

Which is exactly what we did.

2 Year Guarantee

We imagine you are expected to provide a guarantee for your customers, why should we be held to a lower standard? We don't think so. We stand by our hardware and if you have any issues with it then we will replace it for free.

What is Factory Direct?

We don't use a distributor in order to sell our hardware. By selling direct and cutting out other excessive costs, SLR Hardware can sell its high quality hardware for less!

100,000 Cycles Tested!

We know that going back to a job costs money and takes away from other earning opportunities. Our hinges have been made to last... even over 100,000 times. So you can feel confident that our hinges should outlast the cabinets.


 "Working with SLR Hardware has been really, really good. They're prompt to respond when we have an order... and extremely prompt to respond when we have an urgent need. The quality of their hinges has surpassed what we've used before. We prefer their hinges to other brands."

Ron & Liz Riddle - Fine-Line Cabinets

“Keith and Nate came to us and said, ‘What do you like, and what do you hate
about all of your hardware?’ We gave them the pros and cons, and they developed
a product we think is hands down the best product on the market. We’ve been
doing cabinets for 12 years and we feel like for our system of cabinets, it’s the best

product out there. Once people try it, they’ll see it as well.”

Zane Stratton - R&R Cabinets